Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Camp: The Outdoor Roller Coaster

In the beginning, it’s exciting to think that we are going on this ride together. Everyone straps up, packs up, and says goodbye to their families knowing that for 10 days they will be on a completely different level. Somehow camp elevates us emotionally and artistically. There’s a freedom here that the world doesn't always provide. This space is safe so that we can be who or what we want to be. Day 1 we strap into our seats and acquaint ourselves with the people who will be plummeting on this ride next to us. Day 2-4 begins the climb. This is the time of expression and growth. We all dig deep and give more than we knew we had but fear begins to set in as we reach the peak. Right around Day 5-7 we reach the top of the roller coaster and emotions run wild. We look down at the world around us and begin to realize that if we work hard enough and trust ourselves we can truly learn how to fly. We anticipate the fall but succumb to it because of all the creative staff, counselors, and friends cheering us on. And, even though we scream at the top of lungs, shed some tears, want to go home, and pray for a way out deep in our hearts we know we would never change a thing. So we hang on to our seats and enjoy the outdoor roller coaster. We wait for the operator to let us out and when we are free we join the line again because, the rush that we get at Camp cannot be replaced by anything that the world offers us for the other 355 days a year.

Abigail Caesar has been a counselor at camp for the past four years. This year, she is group leader to the Junior age group. She is smart, funny, and has a huge heart. I have the pleasure of working with her this year and she puts everything she has into her job. From waking the girls up in the morning, to bringing awareness of how important it is to respect each other, and to having quick dance parties before bedtime. Abigail puts her all into caring for the girls, even when she is running around with a head cold. She knows first hand how camp has its hard moments, which is why she wanted to let you know from the perspective she sees everyday and the perspective of the campers. While reading her part, I couldn’t help but agree with everything she said. Camp is a roller coaster, I know that more than most people. The ride is worth it, there will be loopty loops and barrel rolls that come out of nowhere but you take it as is. The end of the ride, or camp, is so satisfying and every crazy, emotional was worth it. You have now learned something new about yourself, and you can apply that to the rest of the 355 days. However, don’t expect each camp year to be the same. It’s A Broader way, we don’t do “same routine”. We like to have a plan and throw it out the window when the time comes. So be ready young ones, and be open to an amazing experience.

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Camp: The Outdoor Roller Coaster In the beginning, it’s exciting to think that we are going on this ride together. Everyone straps up, p...