Monday, 7 August 2017

Welcome to Camp!...Now what???

Ahh the fresh scent of clean air, the sound of birds chirping, and Kristin’s voice yelling, “ARE YOU READY BROADERWAY? THEN LET ME HEAR YOU SAY HEY!” That’s right, camp has officially begun! However, the next ten days will be a bit different than the previous summers. You’re probably thinking, “Really Samantha, camp is always different each year, what more can be changed?” I’m glad you asked. For the past six summers there has always been a show, The Show Up, at the end of camp and during camp most of the classes and electives would prepare the campers for their parts in the show. This year, there is no show.
That’s right, no show. No rehearsal madness the last couple of days. Of course there are some mixed reactions to the news. Some are relieved that there won’t be any show stress, others can’t imagine camp without a show. I was shocked when I heard the announcement, I have been involved with camp for 6 years and it’s hard to picture camp not having the Show Up. But I believe it will bring campers closer. Now there isn’t one main goal to work on and accomplish. There are going to be a ton more activities that will give more opportunities to express yourself and learn new talents. The girls are also going to be exposed to more of the fun, camp life that makes the ABW bond so strong. Change can be hard to accept but it’s a good thing. I’m sure the girls are going to still have an amazing time, maybe it will be more amazing!

So as I am writing this there is an hour countdown until the bus full of 90 plus girls arrive, eager to make new memories that will stay with them for a long time. This year at camp isn’t the same, but when is it ever? We pride ourselves on being different and stepping outside of the box. All of the campers will embrace the change and they will continue to shine. They didn’t need a show to prove that. Welcome Freshman and welcome back Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors and LITS. Let’s make the next ten days better than they have ever been.

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